Minnesota Summer Jackpot
Presented by Minnesota Lottery and City Pages

Local artist Jay Roeder was selected after a public art contest to create an original art piece with the theme “Minnesota Summer Jackpot.” Roader was challenged to create an iconic outdoor summer scene in mosaic using recycled lottery tickets.

The finished piece will be displayed at the festival in the City Pages tent (near the Central Ave Bridge) where attendees are invited to register to win it!



About The Artist:

Being born and raised in Minnesota, I have a lot of passion for this area and its culture. As an artist I work with many different brands, but any time there is an opportunity to create artwork that involves something you are passionate about – there is an extra degree of fulfillment. Naturally, when I saw the call for artists from the Minnesota State Lottery and City Pages I didn’t hesitate to enter into the contest. I’m incredibly honored and thankful to have been selected to be this year’s artist.

To tell you a bit about myself: I specialize in a form of illustration called “hand lettering.” I’ve been hand lettering for over ten years, and have worked with some great brands over the years: Nike, Facebook, Hilton, Ray Ban, Nat Geo and Barnes & Noble. In 2017 I authored my first book, 100 Days of Lettering, and earlier this year I released my second book called Lettering Alphabets & Artwork. Soon I will begin a third book, so I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve developed a passion for writing as well.

I think the lettering style can really shine when creating mosaic art, the medium the contest calls for. I draw all of my artwork by hand with pen and paper or on a tablet device, so being tasked with creating a mosaic piece is exciting and should push me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I can’t wait to share the final artwork with everyone!


Here is a sneak peek at the work in progress!

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