Check out some of this year’s outstanding musical offerings. For the full 2016 music schedule CLICK HERE.


Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park




Undlin and Wolfe

Undlin & Wolfe’s alternative take on folk music captures the spirit of the North and experiments with the thresholds between landscape, story and genre. How Far, the band’s debut full-‐length effort, is an album of in-‐betweens -‐-‐ between earth and sky, minutes and years, broken-‐hearted and whole-‐again. The music lives in the cool blue of fresh water and the silver lines of December moons, will walk alongside you in the space of wherever it is you started and that unknowable place you’re going. Recorded between the two cities of Minneapolis, MN and Eau Claire, WI, How Far is a reflection in the lake, a ripple along the surface, the echoes of what we remember.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Friday, 4:15pm


Prairie Fire Lady Choir

The Prairie Fire Lady Choir is a Twin Cities singing group that was formed in 2010 and is sponsored by Springboard for the Arts. The choir is a volunteer led organization of 60 members with a repertoire of pop and rock covers and original music.  We are ladies and we like to sing.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Friday, 5:15pm


Katy Vernon Band

London born ukulele songstress Katy Vernon, plays with a full band sound combining Americana twang with UK-driven pop. Her newest CD topped several critics lists for 2015.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Friday, 6:15pm


Niki Becker

Niki Becker and her band weave her confessional lyrics with intricate harmonies and textured guitars, creating crisp and thoughtfully arranged basement pop.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Friday, 7:15pm




Blue Groove

Blue Groove is a bluegrass band from Minneapolis/St Paul, and was awarded First Runner Up (2nd place) at the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association’s “Race for a Place” contest in November, 2015. Our sound leans towards a more contemporary vibe (Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent), while maintaining ties to traditional bluegrass (Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs), with all of its drive, improvisation and harmony singing!
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 1:15pm


Ben Glaros & the Infinite Electric

Master guitarist and singer/songwriter Ben Glaros returns to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, this time to crank up with his new trio the Infinite Electric. Featuring Paul Boblett (Fathom Lane, King James Version) on bass and Billy Thommes (Johnny Lang, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra) on drums, the Infinite Electric bring colorful new dimensions to Ben’s songs, and their instrumental explorations can go virtually anywhere from grungy country blues to power pop/punk to exhilarating psychedelic jams.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 2:15pm


Sarah Morris

Singer-songwriter Sarah Morris has a way of captivating her audiences with songs about the highs and lows of love. With a voice both cozy and commanding, demure and daring, Sarah allows us to feel every note. Her lyrics resonate with a unique combination of unflinching honesty and heartfelt tenderness: authentic portraits of love, loss, gratitude and regret.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 3:15pm


The Homestead Act

The Homestead Act is a Decorah, IA based duo consisting of Michelle Lynn and Adam Ptacek.  They have recently developed a thematic collection of original songs that blend their own unique personal experiences and sense of humor with obscure non-fictional stories, locations,& people from the Civil War and the Gilded Age.  These 1800s and early 1900s stories don’t often make their way into traditional history class.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 4:15pm


Jackson & the Roosters

The music of Jackson and the Roosters can be described in one word – infectious. The Americana group has been playing live shows for over two years and recently released their self titled, debut album, with their second album already in the works! The critically acclaimed band’s popularity continues to spread, along with the demand for an increased number of live shows to display their diverse musical style.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 5:15pm


Jourdan Myers

Trained in a classical background, Jourdan Myers sings clear and connected, with a poppy and bright – almost jazzy tone, delivering honest lyrics. The sound and style remind me of big names like Sara Barielles or locals like Bora York: versatile in pitch, an introspective focus, and passion in communicating a concept.” – Kelsey Simpkins, Sofar Sounds. Jourdan’s piano driven songs compel listeners to experience the depth of emotion captured in her performance both lyrically and melodically.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Saturday, 6:15pm




Wailing Loons

Wailing Loons are an original folk bluegrass band grown from the rich musical soil of Minneapolis. Wailing Loons create Music for Good, writing and performing music that reflects and transforms society. The Loons are six strong, with Dan on guitar and vocals, Emilie on vocals, Casey Pavek on banjo and vocals, Nick Neylon on upright bass, Erin Manlove on viola, and Matthew Marshall on drums. 2016 sees the release of their debut mini-LP Fire in the Cold, available now.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Sunday, 1:15pm


The Paper Days

The Paper Days are a contemporary folk band from Minneapolis. The band’s signature four-part harmonies and accordion melodies stand out in their upbeat live performances. Music from the band’s recent release, “Falling is Easy”, has been featured on The Current, GO 96.3, KFAI, and several local music blogs.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Sunday, 2:15pm



God, they wished that night would have lasted forever. That was the kind of night they write songs about. The Federales: Classic country for the modern world.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Sunday, 3:15pm


The Thirsty River

A commune of five north country men of varying heights and width that write and perform music in the beautiful frozen landscape of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hailing from various corners of the Twin Cities, the Thirsty River came to their 5-piece alignment of Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, and Piano in the Spring of 2014. Drawing from an eclectic set of influences, The Thirsty River’s unique take on the stringband lineup finds a balance between novel and familiar by way of a genuine performance.
Star Tribune Stage in Father Hennepin Park – Sunday, 4:15pm


Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza




Monica LaPlante

Monica LaPlante plays a style of Garage Rock/Garage Pop loaded with sass and charm.  Her brutally honest lyrics prove that perfection lies in the art of simplicity. Her forthcoming album, Noir, brings a much darker side to her repertoire. Fueled by guitar-driven rockers and dark synthy ballads, LaPlante’s music comes straight from the heart.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Friday, 7:15pm


Miss Myra & the Moonshiners

Listening to Miss Myra and the Moonshiners is like taking a swig of Tennessee’s finest moonshine; it’s smooth, with a kick. Inspired by the New Orleans tradition, the Moonshiners deliver the sultriest mix of vintage jazz and barrelhouse blues. The band’s lineup consists of Miss Myra Burnette on vocals and rhythm guitar, Zane Palmer on lead guitar, Dolly Dagger on the drums, and Isaac Heath on the tuba. Whether they pair up with clarinet, trumpet, trombone or all of the above, the Moonshiners are truly a refreshing taste of N’awlins in the Twin Cities.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Friday, 8:15pm


Peter Lochner

Peter Lochner is a singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. He is excited to be back at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival and will be previewing songs from his forthcoming sophomore album “Ain’t No Gospel On The Jukebox,” due this fall. It promises to be a hand clappin’, foot stompin’ good time!
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 1:15pm




Vicky Emerson

Vicky Emerson’s trademark blending of folk and blues has earned her
critical acclaim and a spot on the Americana & Roots Radio Charts in 2016.
”Vicky Emerson has a voice like a fallen angel that’s as pretty as it is
strong, and now she backs it up with growing lyrical depth and richly blue
Americana arrangements on her third album. ” STAR TRIBUNE
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 2:15pm


The Skally Line

The Skally Line (Fred Keller on various mandolins, Tom Cornish on guitar and fiddle) play a ton of great old American roots music: fiddle tunes, stringband blues, Appalachian old time songs and a dash of swing. We specialize in writing the old stories of Minnesota, especially Pine County, into song and melody making them live again.  We tell a few stories about Minnesota’s wild and mostly forgotten past, pick and sing until the feet start stomping, and have a little fun teaching our crowd how to play lip kazoo.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 3:15pm



thecaseyband recently recorded their freshman EP at Pachyderm studio in Cannon Falls, MN. This spring thecaseyband debuted their second fiddler at the St. Patrick’s Day block party in downtown, St. Paul. They are actively playing throughout the Twin Cities including The Uptown Art Fair, The MPLS Aquatennial, and many other hometown festivals. The band releases their freshman EP on Saturday, August 6th.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 4:15pm


John Penny Trio

The original songs for this performance of the John Penny Trio organically unite American Jazz with Folk cultures from around the world. Influences for the music are drawn from places that include the Americas, Africa, Europe, and India. This veteran trio offers inspiration for a diverse contemporary culture. Pictured from Left to right; Charlie Riddle, Davu Seru, and John Penny.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 5:15pm


Church Dads

Formed the summer of 2014, each member of Church Dads has ties to Winona, Minnesota, where they were either old college pals or grew up there. The band now calls Minneapolis home and plays shows in the Twin Cities. With shared male/female vocals, tight harmonies, and a sound reminiscent of your dad’s favorite rock-and-roll mixed with soulful jazz/blues, Church Dads has graduated from new kids on the block to your new favorite local dive group.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 6:15pm


Danami & the Blue

As frontperson of the eight-member project: Danami and The Blue, Danami is an accomplished artist striving to change people’s lives. His pairing of Hip-Hop techniques along with emotion driven storytelling create an engaging Soul-Hip-Hop experience.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Saturday, 7:15pm




Shawn Stelton

Shawn Stelton is a singer/songwriter based out of Minneapolis. His latest release, Wallflower’s Lament, has a pleasant combination of catchy melodies, engaging arrangements, and lyrics that tell stories.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Sunday, 1:15pm



Tortuga! is a Minneapolis-based instrumental quartet playing original compositions with melodies and harmonic structures that blend and straddle the sounds of psychedelic rock, jazz, funk and world music.  Piano, electric bass, electric guitar, and drums all combine to invoke a musical experience that is simultaneously familiar and surprising. More information and a show listing can be found at
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Sunday, 2:15pm



The fabric of Postina’s music is woven from the eclectic backgrounds of each member. Comprised of Beth Renee (vocals/guitar/synth), Andy Root (guitar), Ryan Masterson (bass), Faith Eskola (vocals/violin/mandolin) and Dave Donovan (drums), Postina combines compelling lyrics and electrically organic melodies into a complex yet accessible Indie Pop Rock sound.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Sunday, 3:15pm


The Plott Hounds

Formed in April of 2014 The Plott Hounds have an angst to revive the sounds and stories of country music with a rock and roll backbone. This 6 piece aims to put their own spin on the classic southern rock sound. It is music from the heartland of America, Part Southern, Part Mid-West.
Riverplace Stage in Riverplace Plaza – Sunday, 4:15pm


Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park





DENNY is being young and feeling out of place. Graffiti on bedroom walls. Cigarettes in alley ways. Teenage wet dreams. Hot summer nights. Lying on your back in the cul-de-sac. The smell of the suburbs burning. Idealism. We’re a quartet.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 12:00pm


The Usual Things

Proudly from Minneapolis, MN, The Usual Things mix power pop melodies with midwestern story telling. Their influences shift between the guitar-based melodies of early Radiohead, to the straight-forward rock fervor of the Foo Fighters. “It’s a Shame About Ray” by the Lemonheads rarely leaves their van’s CD player.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 1:00pm



While it’s true that blues-influenced rock and roll has been on the upswing in the last decade, few acts are doing the genre the full reverence and giving it the needed moxie that Minneapolis/Chicago hybrid JONES is. Between guitarist/vocalist Clayton Hagen, bassist Nick Rush, drummer Ian Tsan and the talented guests assisting on their new EP – the cheekily-titled Are You Still Gonna Love Me Now That I’m Dead? – there’s more romance present than on any Black Keys record, more shimmy than the Alabama Shakes, more sinister overtones than Jack White. Though at it for four years now, it’s as if this brilliant trio has been patiently waiting to show some of the big-timers how it’s done.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 2:05pm



Wastrels is Dan Schulte-Sasse, Sahil Merchant, & Ben Mulhern. With a sound straddling the line between ferocious post-punk and psychedelia, the trio has drawn comparisons to The Cult, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their debut EP “Everybody Loves You When You’re Young” was released in late 2015 and is currently available for download on Bandcamp, Spotify, & iTunes.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 3:10pm



Hailing from the north land, horseplay was born out of a longtime friendship between high school classmates Jack Winders and Jayden Howie. While attending college at South Dakota State University, the two were introduced to Seth Tuscherer and immediately bonded over a shared love for the greats including The Band, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and more. As a band, Horseplay delivers a harmony rich and guitar driven performance in support of their self-titled, debut album which was released in the fall of 2015.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 4:15pm


A Piano In Every Home

Band description: In the veins of Wilco and Son Volt, A Piano In Every Home’s music weaves in the heartbreak and beauty of day-to-day life and refines it into a collection of tunes that reminds you of a late winter afternoon.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 5:20pm


The Social Disaster

Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 6:25pm


Mark Mallman

Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Saturday, 8:45pm


Andy Cook

As a small kid, Andy Cook listened to Elvis Presley while playing his mother’s old guitar with one string left, upside-down and holding a lego piece for a pick. That desire to perform never left, and four years ago Andy picked up the guitar again. Andy’s live show and debut EP, recorded with Erik Koskinen, present punchy tracks, spare acoustic performance, and guitar-driven Americana that introduces a new artist while paying homage to influences new and old.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Sunday, 12:00pm





Formed with previous members from The Set, this 3-piece high energy live act just released their first EP in December 2015 and is releasing a follow up EP in July 2016.  The video for their first single “Animal” was featured in City Pages and The Local Current Blog.  blinds uses influences from the likes of Kings of Leon, The Strokes, and The Walkmen to create their brand of post punk.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Sunday, 1:00pm


Whiskey Rock ‘n’ Roll Club MPLS

Rock ‘n’ Roll with a bit of bite! Whiskey Rock ‘n’ Roll Club MPLS follows in the proud and populated tradition of bands with the word whiskey superfluously in their names. Although only three pieces, the group makes a bigger sound—and throws a bigger party—than most groups at least one and a half times their size.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Sunday, 2:05pm



Poolboy is a band born in chlorine in Minneapolis, circa 2015. These momma’s boys lost their virginity in rooms lit by neon and learned to read via a weird uncle’s Playboy subscription. They play psych rock ‘n’ roll.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Sunday, 3:10pm


Phantom Tails

Phantom Tails is a deep-space doom-funk quartet. Using vintage drum machines, synthesizers, fuzzed-out bass, and commanding guitar, they have developed a distinctive sound that makes you think and dance simultaneously.
Cities 97 Stage on Water Power Park – Sunday, 4:15pm


City Pages Stage Under the Central Avenue Bridge




Bob & Lynn Dixon

Sad songs and happy tunes. Bob & Lynn Dixon bring their tight vocal harmonies and fine playing on guitar, fiddle, and mandolin to songs and dance tunes from America’s old-time tradition. Many of their tunes come from the enduring Nordic traditions in the Upper Midwest.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 12:15pm


Jeromy Darling

City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 1:15pm


Dan Israel

Dan Israel, a longtime fixture on the Minneapolis music scene, has been called “the hardest working singer-songwriter in Minnesota.” He received a 4-star review from the UK’s “Uncut” magazine for his 2007 album “Turning,” and was the first guest on 89.3 The Current’s “Local Show.” Dan won Song of the Year (for “Come to Me”) in the 2005 Minnesota Music Awards and Songwriter of the Year in the 2006 MMA’s, and has released 13 critically acclaimed albums, including his latest, 2015’s “Dan.”
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 2:15pm


A Few Gibbons

South Minneapolis is home to Shawn Gibbons and her kids, Ike and Mary. Together they bring a new sound to an infectiously happy mix of acoustic covers.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 3:15pm


Ben Vanden Boogaard

A recent graduate from McNally Smith College of Music, Ben Vanden Boogaard is a singer/songwriter homegrown from a “Dutch” village called Little Chute, Wisconsin. With influences including John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson, Ben produces heartfelt songs combining elements of clever wordplay, dynamic hooks, and emotionally relatable content. A 5-song EP, Sunflower Season, was released in February 2016, and his debut album, 2 O’s 2 A’s, was released in April 2015.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 4:15pm


Ananya Jaidev

Ananya Jaidev is a solo artist from India – a singer/songwriter who composes music on guitar. Ananya started singing when she was just seven years old and began songwriting at the age of nine. She has completed two semesters in the music department at NDSU, and performs country/pop music. Ananya is inspired by Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, and more.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 5:15pm


Adam Svec

As a generally cheerful man, it is some times puzzling to see such dark art come out of Adam Svec. He leverages melodies and simple song structures to tell stories. While this is not a new idea, Svec attempts to bring the listener something familiar combined with something unique, typically related to his northern vision of the world. [Recommended if you like Low, David Bazan, and Beirut.]
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 6:15pm


John Swardson

City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Saturday, 7:15pm




The She Shells

City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Sunday, 1:15pm


Paul Seeba

Paul Seeba’s debut album, “Mitchell Yards,” became the soundtrack for a PBS (WDSE) documentary, winning a 2015 Midwest Emmy as well as an honor award from the Minnesota Preservation Alliance. Paul performs acoustic folk pop, described by Americana UK as, “steeped in the beauty of North American music.”  His second album, “The Republic of Kinney,” will be released this summer.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Sunday, 2:15pm


Matt Hannah

Matt Hannah is a Michigan-native and Minneapolis-based folk Americana singer-songwriter. His debut solo acoustic album Let the Lonely Fade (2014; Gamine Records) has been heard on The Current and 100 other radio stations around the country, and he has performed throughout the midwest. Hannah is now at work on his sophomore album Dreamland, expected in late 2016.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Sunday, 3:15pm



Footfall is an alt country band including Jim Christiansen, Debbie Cushman, six hard-working guitars, and a sweet little mandolin named Honey. Singing and songwriting is shared, and listeners say they dig our harmonies. Something that makes us smile a lot these days is the release of our second album, Whiskey Soaked Heart.
City Pages Stage under the Central Avenue Bridge – Sunday, 4:15pm

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